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Have you ever been to Salta, Argentina? Well, if you haven't today is your lucky day! With many sites to visit and great 5 star hotels, Salta can be your best choice to travel to this winter. Otherwise hotels, there are many tasty places to eat at. There are great deals of airline tickets and tours around the city of Salta. Salta is found on the west side of Argentina and has a medium sized population of 619,000 people. Lets not forget about the climate of Salta.

Salta has a subtropical highland climate and it is famous in Argentina for having a very pleasant weather. It is located in the subtropical north, but at an altitude of 1,200 metres, Salta enjoys 4 distinct seasons which are: summer that are warm and pleasant and refreshing nights, fall that brings a dry weather and pleasant days at 22°C and cool breezy nights at around 10°C, in winter the dryness is more extreme than the other seasons and there are very few rain episodes, nights are quite cold at 3°C, but at daytime it is hotter which is around 19°C, and last but not least spring, it brings warm, cozy weathers and cool nights. You might want to bring a coat, swim suit, warm weather clothing, and cool weather clothing. It depends on which season you want to travel at.

This is a valley in Salta

There are many different choice of hotels in Salta. Here are three 5 star hotels with the best quality in the city. One is called Alejandro 1° that offers you exclusive features. From a indoor pool and a fitness center, to a stylish, with free Wi-fi, room in a massive building overlooking Belgrano  square. This hotel could be the best choice for you if it suites all your needs. Go to:;label=sls5_city-salta-sXWUP4spBE03wIbw_IwV_AS27187812532%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=a2f40bd70b1ee348c3c7ddde5e1a2838;dcid=1;ucfs=1;srfid=2d02f2ec22324881269861d423feeb3ad25d848cX1, for more information. Another choice of an hotel for you is the Sheraton Salta Hotel. This hotel includes the best panoramic views of Lerma Valley and is located in the Monumento district, 10 blocks from town. Sheraton Salta Hotel provides spacious rooms with a heated swimming pool and a glamorous restaurant. Go to:;label=sls5_city-salta-sXWUP4spBE03wIbw_IwV_AS27187812532%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=a2f40bd70b1ee348c3c7ddde5e1a2838;dcid=1;ucfs=1;srfid=2d02f2ec22324881269861d423feeb3ad25d848cX2, for more information. The latest hotel is the House of Jasmines. This hotel is more of an outdoor hotel in case you like nature and all of that cool stuff. Boasting spa facilities, an outdoor swimming pool and a garden, House of Jasmines offers chic decorations, in a quiet area 12 km off Salta City. This hotel is really unique with spacious gardens to enjoy. Go to:;label=sls5_city-salta-sXWUP4spBE03wIbw_IwV_AS27187812532%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=a2f40bd70b1ee348c3c7ddde5e1a2838;dcid=1;ucfs=1;srfid=2d02f2ec22324881269861d423feeb3ad25d848cX3, for more information.

There are many tourist attractions in Salta, Argentina. There are many day tours, museums, mountain excursions, but there is one museum everybody that goes there leaves astonished and fascinated by how neat architecture and learning sources there is. This Museum is called: MAAM- Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana de Salta. This museum was listed N.º2 in tourist attractions of 38 others. This museum provides you videos, paintings, and other numerous sources of information about past history in South America. Visit this website for further information: There are many day tours in Salta, but there is one that was qualified the best of 38 attractions in Salta and its name is Andes Challenge- Private Day Tours. This tour is unforgettable, you can't miss it. This private day tour takes you to the best sites in Salta. Some things you do are going to the MTB Cuesta Del Obispo, then hiking the Yungas going through the Quebrada de San Lorenzo. There is lovable nature all the places you got to, so if you like nature make sure to go on this tour. Go to this site for more information:  I bet you like learning more about history and all that, but what about living it? In Salta you can visit this gorgeous place that is called Tolar grande. This place was marked N.º9 of 38 attractions in Salta. There are beautiful lakes, a small village and after 80 km there is a gigantic, enormous mountainous formation. This site is wonderful you should really go take a look at it. To look for extra information go to:

Tolar Grande

You surely would go hungry in any place you went to, so here there are 3 restaurants you will surely enjoy their food at. One restaurant is the best one of all Salta, this restaurant is called Restaurant del Hotel Almeria Don Salvador. You will adore the food in there. Otherwise the food, there is excellent attention from your waiter/waitress. They are extremely smart and will never leave you waiting, not just for one minute. Its food is exquisite, you will lick your fingers and want more. There is a variety of food to eat, there is latin, mediterranian, seafood, and international, you choose. Go to this site for more info.: Another restaurant you will surely like is La Casona Del Molino. This restaurant was rated N.º2 of 155 other restaurants in Salta. Its food is economic and delicious. There is great company and joy in the restaurant, you really can enjoy environment. This place should be your number one in your restaurant list. Going with your family will be a amazing journey. La Casona Del Molino has high quality wine you can get at a fair price. This is surely a place you have to go to in Salta. Visit this website for further info.: If you like a mix of french, gaucha, and vegetarian food Ma Cuisine is the right place to go to. I can guarantee that you will love the food in this place. The restaurant Ma Cuisine offers you high quality, fresh food with expert chefs. You really feel like you were in France with all that french food! With this variety of food, who would miss going to Ma Cuisine! See this website for more info.:

Of course you will get bored with nothing to read in Salta, so here are two newspapers that, I bet, will make your day. One is called El Tribuno. This newspaper was founded  by Jaime and Ricardo Durán, its initial installations had belonged to La Provincia, this was the leading daily in Salta for much of the early 20th century.  El Tribuno was first released on August, 21 1941. El Tribuno was then sold in auction to a man called Roberto Romero. Roberto modernized the newspaper and made it popular. When Romero died, his son Juan Carlos took over the newspaper. This newspaper is now published widespread all Argentina. You will find all type of news in this newspaper. Visit its website, which is: Diario La Prensa is another newspaper you can ready all over Argentina. This newspaper contains all types of news. From sports to new stores. This newspaper is always up-to-date with all news. This newspaper is recommended for you. You can go to its online newspaper, which the link is:

Salta, Argentina can be your best choice to visit on holidays, vacations, breaks etc. Salta has a great climate and wonderful hotels. There are delicious restaurants you can enjoy eating at peacefully. Also, there are very entertaining newspapers you can read at Salta. Otherwise newspapers that entertain, there are various sites you can go and visit. Salta, overall, is a very beautiful and gorgeous place to visit.

Town in Salta

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