Anne Frank
Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts

By: Abby c.

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 and died on March 12, 1945 of Typhus.

Significant Events that Affected her life:

  • The Holocaust
  • The Great Depression
  • World War II

Anne's Childhood

Anne Frank and her family were the typical middle-class family. They were a German-Jewish family who lived in the outskirts of Frankfurt Germany.The Franks moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands in the Fall of 1933.  In 1934, Anne started attending Sixth Montessori school in Amsterdam. Anne was a bright student and she had many friends from all different backgrounds.

People who Influenced Anne's life:

  • Otto Frank (Father)
  • Edith Frank (Mother)
  • Margot Frank (Sister)

Unique Facts about Anne Frank

  • Anne's full name was Annelies Marie Frank
  • Anne had lots of friends (German, Dutch, Christian, Jewish)
  • Anne kept a diary while hiding in the annex
  • Her family was in hing for 2 years, and to keep herself occupied she made excessive journal entries.
  • Anne didn't survive the Camp.

Anne Frank's accomplishments:

Anne kept a diary while she was hiding out in the annex with her family. When she went to the Camp, she didn't survive. Otto, Anne's father, was the only one from his family to survive. Otto then published his daughter Anne's diary. There is now an Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, the house she Anne and her family hid out in.

The theme of Anne's life...

  • Good can come from bad
  • Love is the most important force

Anne Frank's words of advice and what she taught me:

  • "In the twilight beside an open window you can say more to each other than in brilliant sunshine. (67)"
  • "Everyday I feel myself maturing, I feel liberation drawing near. (19)"
  • "We can start now, start slowly changing the world. (19)"

I'm glad I chose Anne Frank to do this project on, because she has taught me so many things. She showed me staying strong goes a long way. Anne inspires me because she had so many struggles in her life, and so many issues, but she pushed threw them. She makes me realize that if she can change I can change it too, and that is a beautiful thing.

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