Why I Love UD Greek Life

Chi Omega Edition

Chi Omega Is My Home

This past semester I studied abroad in Australia. When my native Australian friends learned that I was in a sorority they were fascinated. They asked me to explain what it was because the only thing they thought of Greek life was from American TV shows, such as Greek. I lived in a shared house with about 25 Aussies and they once even tried to make up their own 'frat' and have an initiation.

I always had trouble explaining to them the true meaning of Greek life because of the way it has been stereotyped to them. Here is a quote that helps to do this:

“People ask why I am in a sorority and I try to explain all the things a sorority is that they cannot see. A sorority is more than letters on a sweatshirt, I say. More than traditional songs, a gold pin, rituals, an obligation, or a way of life. A sorority is learning about people, a sorority is giving without expecting a return. A sorority is earning respect from others, as well as for yourself. A sorority will not solve all your problems. But I have made good friends and found confidence there to help me take life one step at a time.” –Unknown

I couldn't find the words to explain that feeling you get when you walk in your first day of class and see a familiar face wearing their letters and knowing you will have a study buddy for the semester. It's a great feeling having a "home" at your college and knowing you have more than 100 caring sisters you can count on from anything like a fun time to getting you through a hard situation.

I know that wherever life takes me, I will always have a home in Chi Omega and best friends for life. I can honestly and proudly say joining Greek life at UD has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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