Human trafficking

A   Worldwide   problem

By: Charles Bui

Human Trafficking- is the act of anything related to sell, buying, and using people against there will.

What  is   human 

Trafficking   ?

As shown above Human Trafficking- is the act of anything related to sell, buying, and using people against there will. Thus being a cruel & injustice act. And with this presentation, I wish to explain to you how horrible a problem Human Trafficking is, & how our world chooses to deal with it.

Facts  on   Human . Trafficking

One of many things that make Human Trafficking a disgusting act is due to treating the victims purely like goods or soulless items; therefore victims can and have lost all feeling of hope & love.

Another important thing in mind is that; like goods, victims need to have come from a resource and be sold to a consumer. With that in mind, most victims in human trafficking have been taken from poor countries due to lack of protection and care. Furthermore everywhere poverty is taking place thus the rate of human trafficking has been increasing.

To our dismay where all of these victim end up surprises me the most. Sadly but true, its our proud patriotic land, the U.S.A. Being a wealthy and kind country, it make it very easy to find ways to make money and bring victims to here.

The End to Human Trafficking!


While being a worldwide & horrific problem , it is hardly address due to poor country not having enough money & wealthy countries not have problems within their own land. Though as time continues human trafficking stories have been getting extremely treacherous catching the attention of everyone; therefore the globe's attempt to stop human trafficking.

Meanwhile in the U.S. , being the main consumer in human trafficking, we as a country decided to stop this crime our self. Using our greatest search perimeter, Truckers. This amazing idea of long distant truck drivers insisted to always help out an "victim" in need.

Obviously to work on an problem you must know what it is. So as of right now the Federal Bureau of Investigation started to teach and connect with citizens. They have opened many school program that give out advice on how to deal with real life human trafficking situation, started emergency alerts aka " Amber Alerts", and constant update of nearby none kidnappers.


Finally that leaves us here. Thank you for listening; and right now I would like to leave you with this. Nobody, men, women, or children, should go through the pain of being taken from home, forced to do work in unknown land, put in a situation to where they lose hope of living a happy life. No one on this face of the Earth should ever be sold or used like some disposable object. thank you again.

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