Why Mrs. Wozny is great

            This is a passage about Mrs. Wozny so if your not Mrs. Wozny, please leave, (J.K) so here it is my passage about Mrs. Wozny!

             MRS. WOZNY

Mrs. Wozny s a great teacher because, shes always by your side whenever your down (shes also really smart!).She never forgets you and and always has your back (But she might forget your name, not you though).Mrs. Wozny is a great person with creativity in her(she also has craziness in her class and loudness too!).


Mrs. Wozny's class maybe crazy (especially the boys in her class except for a few like Jacob and Peyton but most of them are still crazy!), but she still loves all of her class and she still loves all her old classes too. Here's another thing about Mrs. Wozny, whenever your confused she helps you understand it better like, long division. She helped my friends understand, long division, and now there pros! So now YOU know why my teacher is great!