Chase Severin-Final Project

Movie Trailer Review-Ride Along

Some things this trailer do good are showing what the movie is about I could clearly tell that it is about Kevin Hart who wants to marry a girl but the girls brother (Ice Cube) does not like him so the brother wants him to prove that he is worthy by taking him on a ride along that gets carried away. I could also tell that the movie is a comedy because I laughed during the trailer it also gave big bold letters and i could tell who the actors are where i could learn more about the movie and when it comes out. I actually have a personal experience with this movie because i went and seen it because I liked the trailer and I also like Kevin Hart and I thought the movie would be funny and it was. one of the things this trailer does good is show off good parts while also not giving away too much of the movie overall if i had to rate it out of 10 it would be a 8

Movie Poster Review- Shutter

I think this poster is good because it caught my eye right away and I feel like the movie poster gives off the feeling of the movie as soon as you see it Creepy or Scary even if the movie wasn't good this poster makes me want to go watch it or possibly buy it I also like the fact that it uses pictures or scenes from the movie to create a picture of a creepy face that half of the face is turning into a skull and all of it is bleeding I also think it uses contrasting colors very well in order to make the face. the poster also explains what the story is about it is about a family who starts looking at their pictures and realize that there is as a ghostly figure in all of the pictures following them

Movies That Would Be Wise and Unwise To Market For

Article About A Movie

guardians of the galaxy is a movie that would make sense to market for because it is about something like superheroes(a raccoon, a tree thing, a green girl and a rock alien thing) that go and save the world from a big purple head guy and usually when you have a superhero movies they get promoted a lot by possibly giving away capes, selling action figure, big fists or costumes during Halloween, maybe even masks would work. not that other movies don't get trailers but it seems to me that i see a lot more superhero movie trailers. But a superhero movie that would not be wise to market for would be the new x-men movie days of the futures past which is about the mutants being put into concentration camps and then the mutants of the past have to change something that made that happen because making a mutant costume, mask, or anything else related to that subject is way harder and yes it will have plenty of trailers but maybe not as many other things .

My Own T.V Show-The Ripper

The show would be about Jack the Ripper

Make People happier

I think Disney Did it right with the fast pass idea allowing people to get ahead in lines. some things I would add to that are maybe a trolley system that picks people up with the fast pass allowing them to get from place to place faster. They would also be able to get in a separate line for the snack lines or food bars. One reason this works is because it speeds everything up but it also makes more money because instead of waiting in a line the people are out and around spending more. You could add misting areas in your park if you are in a hot area or on a hot day.You could willingly take suggestions and complaints from people and change the park from the advice that the customers give you.

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