Highgarden pd4

The Keep was the most secure place in the castle

The Bailey was an open area of land within the castle

The portcullis was an iron gate located in the Gatehouse or Barbican to keep out enemies

The Great Hall was a meeting and dining area for all in the castle

The Solar was private sleeping rooms for the lords' families

The Wardrobe was the clothes storage room

The Great Chamber was the bedroom of the lord and lady

The Throne Room were place meetings held when the king and queen were visiting

The Gardrobe was a bathroom

The kitchen is where the food was prepared

The bottlery was storage area for ale, wine and other beverages

The pantry was a place where food was stored

The storeroom is a place where non-food was stored

The Dungeon is a place where prisoners were kept

The Place of Arms is where the soldiers could assemble

The moat is the water surrounding the castle

The drawbridge is the bridge connecting the barbican to the castle

The barbican is a narrow pathway before the gatehouse to make it difficult for enemies

The Curtain Wall is the mail outside wall of the castle

The Chapel is a room people would go the pray

The turret is usually round, these high towers of the castle would have look-out guards

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