Watch What You Type

Internet Safety

DO NOT give out private information

MAKE SURE a website has a s at the end of https://

author-Larry magin

NEVER click on links for your banks inside your emails, credit cards or finical institution

NEVER click on updates unless its proven

author -internet safety center

internet safety center

DO NOT  surf the internet with your child and let them tell you what they like

KEEP your computer on high traffic area of your home

net smart workshop

author -net smart

NEVER write back to someone  if they make you feel uncomfortable

NEVER write back to someone or have them visit you without your parents permission

TELL your parents right away if you read anything on the internet that made you uncomfortable

REMBER that a 12 year old girl could be a older man on the internet or could not be who they say they are

author - FBI

   phishing- someone trying to make you click on the link to get something from you like  credit card number or private information


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