How To Live A Good Digital Life For Dummies

by Keyana Pitts

#1 Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the process of teaching an learning about technology. Digital Literacy is important because your kid will need to know they're way around the computer in the future, since technology is becoming a bigger deal in life. The easier it is for your child to be apart of the digital world they will be more careful and prepared for their future with it.

  • It is important for your children to know how to do proper online research. When the know how to properly research it will make they're lives in school easier when they need to do things like research paper. Depending on how you search what your looking for, you can receive different answers than what your looking for.
  • It's also very helpful for your children to know basic computer terms. Knowing the parts of your computer will help your kid get a better understanding of the errors that could occur on the computer. If the have an understanding of what is wrong it'll be easier to fix.
  • You should teach your child how to use a search engine. A lot of people take their time to write a full sentence and and use correct grammar and punctuation. In reality it is much simpler and quicker to type just what you need.

#2 Digital Access

Digital access is the full electric participation in society. Some parents think that their kids don't need access to technology in their life. Digital accessibility is important to have, for technology is used on a daily basis wherever you are. Restricting your kids from technology will not be helpful for them.

  • For parents who have kids that go to a school without computer, recommend them if you think it could be affordable. Having the digital accessibility for your children could be helpful. They could learn how to type, they could learn how to do things that involve digital literacy.
  • Teach your kids why technology is important to this very day. Technology at first wasn't a big deal, but it has definitely grown over time. They should know the history of the internet as well also.

#3 Digital Health and Wellness

Digital health and wellness is very important if technology and internet is going to relevant in their lives. Digital health and wellness is the physical physiological well being in technological life.

  • Internet addiction! This is probably one of things you fear of when you introduce internet to your children. The best way to prevent it is to tell them what internet addiction is. Internet addiction is when a person prefers to be on the internet all day instead of getting rest, being with friends and family, and doing school work. Preventing internet addiction isn't hard you just have to maintain the time you spend on the internet each day.
  • Tell your kids the physical harm of using a computer. Some peoples job is to literally sit at a computer all day, but you can stay healthy while you are doing it. Your kids need to sit up straight at the computer as well .It's instinct for a child to slouch and roll all over their chair, but sitting up straight can prevent future back pain.
  • Another physical problem that can occur is having headaches and you eyes burning and itching. Tell your kids that you do have to take breaks from staring at the computer all days for it can damage your eye vision in the future.
  • A problem that occurs today among ages is that some let technology control their personal lives. Your kids need to know in advance that staying in the house and being on your phone and computer isn't healthy. Your kids need to learn how to manage their time when it comes to how long their on the computer and how long they are out being active and being social outside of social networking.

#4 Digital Law

Digital Law is electronic responsibility of actions and deeds. This is where the important part comes in. Even though technology and internet can be fun there are laws and rules to it.

  • Your children need to know Copyright Laws. This will definitely be used in their future, especially depending on their career and hobbies. There are consequences of using another persons creations, online and offline. You need to know the right of the creator and developer and the penalties if you don't ask permission to use their ideas.

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