Substance Abuse

by Maya Morton

                                                Macaulay Culkins  (Substance Abuse )

-Substance abuse also known as drug abuse is patterned use of drugs in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which harmful themselves or others and is a form of substance related disorder

-DMS states the substance related disorder encompass 10 separate classes of drug addiction ; all drugs that are taken  in excess have a common direct activation of the brain reward system a reinforcement of behavior , produce any feeling with pleasure.

-Arrested for possession of 17.3 grams of weed and two controlled substances (32 milli grams of clonazepam)

-Goes for a none factor use of a substance to a controlled substance which makes the body response mildly erotic .

-Symptoms : drug craving

-Promblem with law enforcement

-Starts  early as addiction mild phase


-Addiction can be over looked as body natural response to the substance

-Macaulay shows symptoms of substance abuse , he shows signs of low self esteem highly irritable , also show intense behavior issues, Difficulty with law enforcement   

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3 years ago

This is a qualified as a substance abuse which is a disorder that can be treated throuthly through rehab and pleasurable memories

3 years ago

There's a lack of information about the disorder and it's symptoms. It also has no information depicting examples of his disorder. There is a high about of information about the disorder and I give you a thumbs-up for that.

3 years ago

If there's more symptoms add it, also add how he got this illness