Licensed Moneylender List

When you are looking for borrowing money, no matter how badly or how quickly you need the money, one important thing you should always remember is finding a licensed money lender. I think that is extremely important for everyone. Here I will list licensed money lender.

Credit Hub Capital
Credit Hub Capital is a Moneylender licensed by the Registry of Moneylenders since 2010 and permitted to grant loans to individuals who may have genuine financial needs but who may not be able to obtain credit from banks.
As a legal licensed money lender, Credit Hub Capital has been offering loans to qualified individuals. A wide selection of loan packages is available for everyone, which means you can take out a loan to meet your financial needs. We are known to provide friendly and complete service for our customers. All loan applications are processed as quickly as possible, and we treated with utmost confidentiality for the privacy of clients.

101 Credit Loan
101 Credit is owned and operated by 101 Credit Pte Ltd which is a Singapore based licensed money lender (License Number: 72/2012) accredited by IPTO Singapore. As one of the premier money lenders in Singapore they can help you get started with your various loan requirements. As a money lender they specialize in different types of loans such as payday, personal and foreigner loans in Singapore. They, at 101 Credit have been in the business for quite some time and they offer you some of the best loan schemes that you will find in the market. There are different avenues in Singapore from which you can get in touch with them. For any loan purpose all you have to do is apply or call. They are a licensed moneylender in Singapore and will cater to all your needs and requirements.

A1 Credit
A1 Credit is outperforming at all the major fronts of money lending services with supreme customer services; unparalleled innovation and intellect that differentiates them from others. They utilize their in house technique and provide an unswerving support to all clients. With cutting edge, rock-solid, unbiased and competitive approaches, A1 Credit has evolved as a brand name with dedicated assistance and reliability.
As a money lending service provider, their loans are secured and backed with services which ensure your flexibility, choices, plethora of options and ease of procurement. They ascertain firm grounds of unflappable service and optimize levelheaded approaches so as to ensure that clients remain calm and placid at the time of signing up. They understand, comprehend and establish customized plans for individuals depending upon their needs and help them in fabricating a repayment schedule as per their solace.

96 Credit
96 credit is one of the licensed moneylenders in Singapore, they see the competitiveness and need in financial loan products. They provides borrowers with short-term loans, payday loans, personal loans, business loans, unsecured loans, secured loans and all repayment plans. And they strictly believe in service orientation and pride themselves to deliver the friendliest experience to clients. They understand that there are times where there may be unexpected expenditure be it for personal or business use or for the unexpected expenditure that arises through today's high standard of living. Their goal is to offer those in need of emergency financial assistance a quick and easy way to assist them in their financial problems.