Win tickets to 2014 World Cup Final

To better protect our environment, FIFA has just launched a program that encourages 2014 World Cup tickets holders to reduce their carbon emission produced during their travel to Brazil. In return they will be given a chance to win two free tickets to FIFA 2014 World Cup Final! Ticket holders with valid reference ID can join a prize draw by signing up on a carbon-offsetting page at FIFA will cover the winner’s cost to offset the carbon emissions from World Cup Final.

The event is a part of two-fold strategy with BP Target Neutral (a non-profit carbon management program). FIFA and LOC will make their effort to offset 100% of their own carbon mission from operations, while the program just launched is focusing on fans. The significance is to make millions of people aware that how their acts can influence the environment and how they can offset them.

Holding FIFA World Cup, the largest global football event, is a heavy carbon emission task for Brazil. It will surely have a great influence on its environment. The main purpose of offsetting emissions is to balance the greenhouse gases emitted into Brazil’s atmosphere, by removing or stopping them in another place.

FIFA will offset emissions from carbon projects carefully selected for 2014 FIFA World Cup by BP Target Neutral. The selections all go through tender process approved by independent environmental NGOs based on the standards set by the International Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Alliance (ICROA). These projects are aimed to benefit local Brazilian communities. The details of these projects will be revealed in June.

Ticket holders now have a great way to contribute to the environmental protection in Brazil meanwhile to have a chance to win a free trip to FIFA 2014 World Cup Final, the winner do not have to pay travel cost or accommodation fees.

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