Anne Frank Tackk

Trey Tillery, Mr.Tobie, Period 3, 3-17-14

"You know what I do when it feels as if I couldn't stand being cooped up for one more minute? I let myself out"-Anne to Peter. I believe that in this quote, Anne is explaining to Peter that even though they can't go outside, they can still imagine walking through the park and looking at the flowers, because no one can shut down the human imagination. I believe that in this scene as a whole, Anne is trying to explain to Peter that although it seems things can't get any worse, the world is just going through a phase and that for all they know it may not end for a couple hundred years, and that they aren't the only ones suffering, but it will end because people still have good inside of their hearts, and that until that happens, they will just have to look forward to it ending. Anne had this conversation with Peter because she felt he was becoming very negative toward the situation they were in and he was very depressed. She wants him to have faith in something, even though Peter doesn't worship any religion, she wishes he did because at least then he wouldn't give up as easy. Anne's hopes for her on life are for her to never give up faith and just keep hoping until the war ends. I believe the image I chose best compliments Anne's words here, especially the quote in the beginning of this paragraph, because it resembles the beautiful flowers and clouds that Anne describes.

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