Coastline Experience

Farhan Ahmad

What I learned from our trip to this beautiful college, I will never forget. Mike Good the dedicated man from Cisco taught us about his company and how they hire hackers to test their security. His deep speech of finishing college is one piece of advice that everyone needs, if they want to follow their dreams. His fifteen years of experience and hard work he put into making his dream come true would have been easier if he followed his advice: finish college. His words are just another reminder, in order to follow your dreams, you must be prepared.

Anil Pattni is an entrepreneur and genius who created OCHackerz. He has created many revolutionizing inventions that can make jobs easier for everyone. His group of talented create amazing feats of technology, art, and computer science. He also said that the best experience for job preparation can be received by attending a hack-a-thon. These events deal with a group of people trying to hack into a system, and those who try to defend it. This can be a valuable experience to write on a resume or used in the field of computer science.

All in all, i definitely agree to implement this trip to the upcoming years as it is an enlightened journey through the world of cyber security.

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