The study of celestial objects, space, and the physical universe.

What does an astronomer do? An astronomer uses physics to develop theories about the sun, moon, planets, stars and galaxies. They develop new instruments to improve collecting astronomical data, and analyze the data they receive. Another part of their work may include teaching astronomy or astrophysics.

Astronomers are required to:

  • Have a masters degree or PhD.
  • Work frequently at night.
  • Be precise and accurate when gathering information.
  • Travel to remote locations.
  • Have advanced knowledge in chemistry, mathematics, physics, computers, education, and engineering.
  • Present their research at scientific conferences and write papers for scientific journals.
Some astronomers work for organizations such as NASA.

Wages for Astronomers

In the U.S., an astromomer on average per year will make $96,460.

Their wage varies by employer; for instance, an astromer working for the federal government will have higher wages than one working for a private company.

In Oregon, an astronomer will make around $56,000-99,000 in a year.


Emplyment for astronomers is very low in Oregon, and low in the United States.

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