To Kill a Mockingbird

By:Gage, Carlyle, and Vikram

Thematic Topic:

Harper Lee shows racism in a negative way throughout the novel.

Literary Criticism:

The education motif- far from being incidental- is a center for the ironic contrast between  what is "taught" and what is "learned," a contrast that lies at the very heart go the novel. In the course of their growing up the children do a great deal of learning, but little of that learning takes places in school. Their most effective "teacher" is life itself.   

In the literary criticism, "The strange career of Atticus Finch" gave me a new view of Atticus during that time period that I didn't notice before.

When Jem used mud to form the outline of the snowman and placed snow over it, that symbolizes how black people aren’t any different than white people. In essence, it was symbolizing that everybody is the same, no matter how you look.


Character Foil: Calpurnia is kind and accepting to other people, no matter the race. Lula on the other hand is racist and cruel. This shows that even though they are the same race, they act completely different towards people.

Allusion:"In this matter we were lucky to have Dill. He played the character parts thrust upon me, the ape in Tarzan..."(literary)

Symbolism: When Jem destroyed the camellias in Mrs. Dubose's yard, he wasn't satisfied until they were all gone. This symbolizes how Jem was trying to destroy prejudices among the whites, seeing that the camellias are white.

Biblical Allusion:

In chapter 5, the term, “Old Testament Pestilence” is used to describe Ms. Maudie’s facial expression when she is told to “just pull up the nut grass” in her yard. “Old Testament Pestilence” is referencing to when Egypt was hit by a plague of locusts in Exodus 10.


On page 329 scout is in school and the teacher says that everyone in america is equal, but they don’t treat the blacks equal to them.


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