Cuba's Economy
by Brianna Diaz Garcia

Cuba is a communist nation meaning Cuba has a command economy ( when the government makes decisions, or a plan economy) because of this Cuba's economy is weak and unstable.

Even though Cuba's government pay for health care and help with food stamps, Cuba still lacks money and many Cubans suffer with malnutrition.

Cuba's main currency is the Cuban peso.

Cuba's GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) per capita is $10,200 and  GDP in billions is $121.

20% of Cuba's skilled labor force is in agriculture. Having  Cuba's unemployment  rate be 3.2%.

Cuba's main agriculture exports are sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, rice vegetables, grains and citrus fruits but Cuba also exports nickel and cement.

Cuba's main export buyers/important trading partners are China, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia.

Cuba is a very attractive tourism hot spot from Canada and others.

The U.S. first placed the embargo on Cuba in 1960, but slowly we have started to " melt the ice" between the U.S. and Cuba.

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