Ozarks Writing Project

Session 1 : Hidden In Plain Sight : The Story Behind The Song

By: Halle Jungmann

Bleed Red ; Ronnie Dunn

A Few Words I Chose From the Song

(The ones that are bold are used throughout the poem)

Sorry, Forgiveness, Chance, Anger, To Late, Anger, Slip, Through, Hands, Bleed Red, Taste Rain, Loose Our Way, Words, Weak, Regret, Cry Tears, Fighting,  Loosing, Waiting, Time, Scars, World, life. 

A Stormy Life : Poem

A cry like rain

An angry thunder

A lifeless Lightning

A life of wonder

They say we are the same

They say that I am weak

Think what you want

I am who I want to be

The rain continues to poor

I now feel weak

If only I was who I wanted to be

Then maybe the rain would stop

But only in time.

Will I be free

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2 years ago

I love that song - great job pulling out some emotional words, love the creativity.

2 years ago

Great job! Love that your getting to create and have some fun writing.

2 years ago

Have an awesome day - I am at MSU too, just across the road in the library