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I strongly agree that being loyal to your family is important because your family is your blood and you should never not be loyal to them. However sometimes your family can do the most bogus stuff to you because of the fact that they think you'll always be there for them. Your family is more important than your friends because they are related to you. You should be loyal to your family because they will have your back more than anybody else.

I strongly agree that people should be punished for breaking the laws because there is certain things you can't do and people should respect that instead of breaking them. Most of the time people know that they are breaking the law but hey just do it anyways. Therefor you should be punished because you know you're doing wrong and you still decide to break the law. Like say if you murder someone you should be punished because you know you're not supposed to murder people because it's a crime.

I disagree that laws of gods are more important than laws made by a government because people believe in different gods and there is only one God to a lot of people but at the same time there are many gods to others. Sometimes the laws from gods are fake because its probably made by people but they make you think a god made the rule so you will try to follow it. You never really know if the law is real or not. The laws basically apply to the ones that God made so they should only keep those laws for the government instead of adding extra ones that don't apply to anything.

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3 years ago

Aireanna, your ideas are good; they need SPECIFIC examples to support them.