Turning off a light.

Today I made the final draft of my Rube Goldberg machines. I had to make a few changes from the original design because there was a flaw in my plan.

Different machines.

We found out that the fourth stage does not work because the book does not apply enough force to drop the weight.

Technical part of the project

Listen to paragraphFirst we have 6 peices of PVC that are diagonally placed to increase momentum of the golf ball.

Todays work

Listen to paragraphToday we got done with the third stage which is one the the seasaw stages that will hit another seasaw which will drop a weight that will pull a string that will turn off the light.

Changing the Plans

Today I figured out that stages four and five did not work. So I altered the plans to work, and I got the machine to work.

Changing the plans #2

Today I got to step 4. In step four the seasaw knocks down a nothe seasaw with a even amount of weight on each side. So we got the book to fall down on the first sea-saw but the book fell the wrong way. So I have to figure out how to make the book fall the correct way.

Ending the project

Today I got almost the entire project to work. The only thing that i didnt get to work was the last stage so I will finish that tomorrow, and then I will be done.

Did it work?

Listen to paragraphWe were able to get the  Rube Goldberg machine working with a few changes,we had to completely change the project past the 3rd stage. so we changed it so the sea-saw so a roll of yarn knocked down a book, to hit a ball, that fell into a sink hitting a button on the computer, starting a video. It worked because we changed the steps and made an easier goal.


How did your project turn out?  My project turned out really well, I had to make many modifications to my project in order for it to work.

What did you learn?  I learned a lot of things throughout this project, some of the main ones are I learned how to do some of the simplest things in a very hard way. Another thing that I learned is that you might not get things right the first time but that doesn't mean you stop trying.

Did your project make you want to pursue this project more. No, I loved doing the project, but I have other things in mind for my job. As for a hobby, doing this once in a while might be fun but I have other hobbies that are more important to me.

Listen to paragraphDo you wish you would have picked a different project? why or why not? Yes I wish that i would have picked a different project. Its not because the project that I did was boring or that I didn't enjoy it, its just my partner did not do anything in the project and it was not as enjoyable as it would have been if i had did it alone. I brought in all of the supplies and set up the entire project and it was just harder for me because if I had done it alone i would not have relied on her to do something, compared to if I did it alone I wouldn't have to worry about someone else doing something or bringing something in, to where I know that I would bring in all of the needed supplies. So I would have much rather done something like 3D printing.