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Let's Make A Video... What Say?

Welcome To Animoto! Your one-stop shop for any and all things video-related. This program is so simple and fun to use, I merely made a fun Halloween video and almost couldn't stop editing it to turn it in!
Let me walk you through the steps for making your own video:

1.) From the picture above you can immediately see how simplistic Animoto makes it for you. This picture is not as updated as I would like, the real home screen has different, more specific options at the top, including photography, business, and classroom--all specifically made for whatever you need it for. The Get Started button is clear and defined, and there is a green Sign Up button in the top right hand corner. (If you're tired of creating new accounts and passwords like I am, there is an option to log in with Facebook, which is nice).

2.) Once you're all logged in and ready to go, Animoto gives you a cute little tour of all the buttons. Simplistic, beautiful. It creates a short video with some sample pictures (and an adorable video of a baby's hand), walking you through the steps and teaching you how to preview the video in editing mode.

Below are some styles of video you can choose to fit your theme, or inspire more creative works. While some of them look great, majority of them are mainly backgrounds that don't change, which is a bit of a downside to this editor. A few of them--and I can only guess they are seasonal by the one I made--are very interactive and much more fascinating to watch. If all of them were that way instead of stagnant backgrounds, I may have played around with it a little more.

3.) While making your video, you come across some buttons that look like these:

Pretty standard right? Right. Those buttons do exactly what they say. Everything in Animoto is simple and right to the point. The only thing I had some trouble with, was that they don't let you set each picture at a certain time. There's a scroll bar that sets the video from slow to fast, but if you really want to look at a picture or read it, you have to make the entire video very slow, which is obnoxious for some of the other slides.

4.) All of the aforementioned is available without paying for anything. Unfortunately your videos will contain the Animoto watermark, which only takes up THE ENTIRE SCREEN. (You'll see in my video). If the watermark really bothers you enough to pay for this thing, here's what it'll cost you.

Yowch. That's a steep price to pay for some videos. But if you have the knack, or need them to advertise your business--like this site is supposed to be used for--then you may not mind as much rather than if you're only using it for a few classroom demonstrations.

Speaking of classroom demonstrations, here's the link to the video I made:

Well that's about all you need to know. Have fun making your own videos and playing around with the different backgrounds. :)

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