The Mystery Behind
Lisa Lopes

Left Eye

Lisa Lopes, also known as Leaf Eye was born on May 27, 1971 and died on April 25, 2002. She died at the age of 30. She was apart of a singing group called TLC. Lisa and the girl was signed in 1991 to LaFace Records by Perri 'Pebbles' Reid . Lisa was the rapper of the group. She never really had that father love a child is suppose to have and all she wanted was for her father to love and be there for her. Her father was a musician and that's why she wonted to work with music to. The same day she  got the best news of her life, she got the worst. Her father had got shot and it wasn't nothing she could do. For about a week, all Lisa did was drink 24/7. She was really hurt, but that didn't stop Lisa, She still made it.

Lisa Had a hard life. After he farther die, she continued living her life. Later on in life, TLC mad there first song called " What about your Friends" . Crazy, smart, determinant is the best words to describe Lisa Lopes. She had a great personalty that peoples still love today. Her and the rest of TLC had their own style. After Pebble's did them dirty and the girl found another manager , TLC became one of the 1990's greatest success stories due to their creative style. After they got big, Their style changed up a bit to more slim clothes. Lisa was the rapper of the group. Everything she'd rap about was real in life, it had happen or was going to. Tionna(T Boz), Lisa(Left Eye), and Rozonda(Chilli) are very talented

Lisa had adopted a little girl and named her Snow. Even though this is not Lisa birth child, they still look very much alike.  

Lisa Lopes was put in jail in 1995 for burning down Andre Rison house, Lisa boyfriend. Lisa thought Andre bout her some shoes and took it the wrong way. She put all the shoes in the tube and set them a fire, accidentally burning the whole house down. Ander was always cheating on Lisa, when one day she caught them in action. Lisa was  put in a Mental Institution for the burning and Lopes was sentenced to 5 years probation and some therapy at a Halfway House.

Lisa Lopes was in Car Crash on April 25, 2002. Although she was not the only in the car, it killed Lisa. Even though her and Andre got their problems, they was going to get married but bad things happen. She died at the age of 30.  Lopes will always be remembered. R.I.P. Lisa Lopes.

When TLC song Waterfalls came out, Everybody went crazy. This was the best song they made, is what most people say. This is also my favorite song by them.

Go watch  the move ...

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