Kimberly's much ado about nothing

I am Hero I am a innocent girl, the daughter of governor.

( the day of the weeding)

All the rumors going around about me, sleeping with another man? I would never to such thing. I don't know what to do I have my father trying to kill me and also the man I was going to marry! My hole reputation has been destroyed, I was the one that was innocent and sweet, Now I have to act like I have died to see if the person that has started this big trouble will come to take responsibility.  No one believes me I just do not understand, everyone should know that I would never do such thing like that has been said that happened.

I truly know that I have been falsely accused! I was in my bed at the time of night that everyone is saying that they had seen me. The only one that believes me is Fair Francis. Now I am to marry Claudio even though  all the rumors, But now I am known as my fathers brothers daughter. Everything worked out now I am married to Claudio.

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