Mrs. Hoevelman's Music Tackk

JP Henderson Elementary: Music Education

Last week (February 10-14) I traveled to San Antonio to the TMEA convention. I was able to attend clinics on general music education, band, and integrating technology on campus! I spent many hours researching what I have learned and the following information is a combination of the many things I picked up! I now know how to create videos, share them on my personal channel, and use those videos in the classroom! I really hope you enjoy!

Texas Music Educators Association

I attended the Texas Music Educators Association annual convention, where I was able to meet the star of the Quaver Music Curriculum! Since our purchase of this program, HISD has considered adopting this program for everyone!

Mrs. Hoevelman meets Quaver!

YouTube Channel

My students will now be able to access information from home and get full lessons if I am ever away from the class room! They can also create their own Tackk for assignments in the future!

Click on the button above to see the full YouTube channel dedicated to JP Henderson's Music program!

Quaver had a message for our Students!


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