The Best VLogging Camera of 2015-2016. Reviews - Coupons - Discounts

  1. Vlogging has come of age and is here to stay. Period. But for even the most talented and charismatic of us we are missing out on something. Something isn't quite right! We have the flair, we have the scoop, we have the ideas to share, we even have a brilliant career ahead of us, BUT....IT JUST DOESN'T quite feel right.
  2. Something IS missing......And for many of us it's as simple as having and investing in the right kit.
  3. My channel deals with very sensitive issues and whilst I had a decent subscriber base which was growing solely by word of mouth, I felt I was letting people down, who I might help by not being able to fully engage them.Then I invested in a new camera designed with VLogging in mind....Boy, my video output went thru the roof, quality was much better and the whole vibe changed. More vids were being shared on social media, engagement was its highest ever.                                                                                                                                                                     
  4. So If you want to know more and how I did it then check out my VLogging Camera choices below