Middle Colonies of the New World

We won't rest until we are the best group of colonies in the new world. Our colonies include New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. If you want a fresh start to an old life, hop on the next ship headed to the new world. You will never regret your decision.

Voyage to the Middle Colonies. It's a whole different world.

Climate and Geography

Our geography is the best you can find anywhere else in the world. We have fertile farmland that can produce crops like no other. Grains that you eat come from the Middle Colonies. Imagine selling your crops and feeding people all over the globe. Our land is also peaking with mountains coated with abundant forests and thriving wildlife. The weather is excellent here in the Middle Colonies.  We have a happy medium of snow in the Winter and warmth during the Summers. You have long growing seasons and the perfect amount of rain and fertile soil to keep your crops living forever. In the Summer is can get warm and in the Winters it can get snowy. Just remember that if you go New England, it is extremely cold and snowy in the Winters and in the Southern Colonies, it's very hot and humid during the long Summers.

Breakneck Ridge Mountain Range, Upstate New York (Pictured Below)


The agriculture in the Middle Colonies is great. The main cash crops are grains. In fact, the Middle Colonies are referred to as the bread basket colonies. The types of grains that rake in the most money are Rye, Wheat, Barley and Corn. The benefits to agriculture in the Middle Colonies are money and food for you and your family. Also, all of the food is cheaper because it doesn't have to travel far and is grown right here in the Middle Colonies. You can definitely make a life by farming here.  


You can get into many different industries here in the Middle Colonies. There are plenty of job opportunities that can set you for life. Some of the possible industries are mining, lumbering, shipbuilding, trade, hunting/trapping, farming, fishing, and shipping. Due to the fact that we have a huge variety of industries, our products and services are cheap and affordable because they don't travel far.  We have everything here you could possibly need to survive also. That makes for a worry-free Winter away from the cold.

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