Graph 10

By: Sidra Kennedy Period: 3

Graph 10:

        Annie is a big runner and is very athletic. She just recovered from her broken foot and hasn’t gone on a run in a while. Today she was finally able to go on one of her typical run that last about 25 minutes. Annie leaves her house and jogs at a steady pace for about 5 minutes. In that time she is .75 miles out from her house. Next she gets a little tried and slows down a bit but still keeping a steady pace. In this time she gets .25 miles out farther in 5 more minutes. Annie foot starts to hurt a little so she stops for about 2 minutes. She starts up again but now is at her turning point and starts to head home. She starts running and her speed keeps increasing. Annie keeps running like this for the next 8 minutes. For the last 5 minutes she steadies out her run. She stops at her friend’s house though about a quarter of a mile out from her house.

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