Quentin Kearney

Real Estate Business Owner Quentin Kearney of Blue Springs, Missouri

Along with co-owning Results Property Management, LLC, of Blue Springs, Missouri, Quentin Kearney stays engaged in his local community by offering five scholarships each year to college-bound high school graduates. Quentin Kearney believes that he would not have been as successful as he has been were it not for the generosity of others and created the scholarships to provide a similar level of support.

In his role at Results Property Management, LLC, Quentin Kearney leads the business in providing assistance to institutional clients like investment banks in finding qualified tenants to live in the residential properties they own. In eight years as a co-owner, he has grown Results Property Management, LLC, by more than 100 percent and achieved $12 million annually in rental income for his clients. Since 2004, the real estate professional has also owned Kearney Associates, LLC, a Kansas City, Missouri, real estate investment firm responsible for flipping tens of millions of dollars in properties.

When not working, Quentin Kearney stays active through such outdoor sports as biking, golf, and fishing. He also enjoys traveling with his family.