Questions for the makers of tackk

Premium version?

Is this something that will be in the future of @tackk?

What would this include?

How would this compare to current free accounts?

Becoming featured?

How do you pick tackks to be on the #featured tab?

Do you look for every tackk that is published and consider featuring them?

What are the main requirements to be #featured?

Are ads in the future of tackk?

Would these be in not premium accounts eventually?

How did the founders of @tackk come up with this idea?

What was the inspiration for the unconventional way of presenting that tackk has excelled at?

Number of tackks?

How many have been made in the time since 2012?

Staff picks

How do you get your tackk under the staff picks tab?

Is this much like the getting your tackk featured?

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3 years ago

Hi @Shawnb! Thanks for these questions. I'm going to take a stab at answering them for you:

1- Yes, there will be premium features on Tackk that will be launched slowly. The first premium feature, custom domains, is actually live right now! You can add a custom domain (i.e., to a Tackk or profile.

What you do on Tackk right now will always be free but as we rollout other features, you will have the option to upgrade and add on. Stay tuned.

2- Becoming featured: we select really great content or conversations happening on Tackk to be featured daily. We look at a majority of what’s published and will always consider something. There are no specific requirements, but having a profile avatar and full description helps. And of course, really great content with headlines, photos, text, media, etc. We’re looking for examples of how to use Tackk so that others can get inspiration, as well.

3- We will have sponsored Tackks as an option to get your Tackk more exposure on relevant Tackkboards but this will not be intrusive to Tackk users, or cause you any disruption in experience. It’s simply a way to expose relevant content - it will never be just a random ad that doesn’t relate to its position.

4- The founders of Tackk (@eric @dan) are both designers and came up with the idea for Tackk so that their non-designer friends could create a page simply and beautifully. Their core value when building Tackk and the user experience has always been simplicity so that drives a lot of the success we’ve had early on (especially in schools!).

5- Millions of Tackks have been created since 2012.

6- The staff picks are the best of the best. They don’t update as much as the featured Tackks as the page is updated periodically instead of daily.

3 years ago

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask or contact us via

3 years ago

@PlainJane Thanks for the answers! 👍

3 years ago

@plainjane @andriatriv
New question why do unfinished tackks made online that are private not show up in the mobile app?

3 years ago

Also, why is there no featured banners in the app?

3 years ago

@Shawnb Hi there! Thanks for the questions. We will let you know when we add the featured banners to the app. Unfinished Tackks are also on the list, so we'll keep you posted on updates to come.

3 years ago

@plainjane thanks!