In this time of a technology breakthrough and every thing becoming technology related you have to have the skill of being literate in the 21st century. I just so happen to have that skill. With the help of this class and my wonderful teacher Ms. Pitts, I have excelled in being literate on technology. Being literate in the 21st century means to have textual, visual, social, and of course digital skills. All of these skills require you to be "literate" in the 21st century. I meet the the criteria for all these skills due to the projects and assignments we have done in class. For textual skills my classmates and I did the literary analysis of the book Little Brother, this showed my textual skills and that i was literate in that subject.

        The next skill that I excelled in was visual, we all watched the Thin Blue Line and did the film studies for that. We had to break down the film and show what parts meant what and all the camera angles and sound effects that they portrayed. Then just before the break we did the Social Advertising which showed off our social skills. We had to advertise/promote ourselves to the classroom and show off some of our skills we had and portray that as well into the project. The last and final skill I have learned and bettered myself in is the digital skill. This is basically what I am doing right now. At the begginning I wasnt that great at this skill but thanks to Ms. Pitts, she really helped me get to know how about I should attack this.

        So yes I do think that I am Literate in the 21st century and that I do possess all of these skills required to being literate. I'm sad to see this class go considering it only being a semester class but whether I showed it or not I really did learn a lot and made me better on the computer, I really enjoyed this class!

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3 years ago

I'm glad that you had a good experience.