all about Circlatory

the circlatory system is responsible for transporting oxygen and waste throughout the body. it also contains white blood cells which protect against disease.

parts/organs: heart,veins,arteries,capullaries, red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma.

interesting facts:

  • The heart beats around 3 billion times in the averages person's life.
  • About 8 million blood cells die in the human body every second, and the same number are born each second.
  • Within a tiny droplet of blood, there are some 5 million red blood cells.
  • It takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.
  • Red blood cells make approximately 250,000 round trips of the body before returning to the bone marrow, where they were born, to die.
  • Red blood cells may live for about 4 months circulating throughout the body, feeding the 60 trillion other body cells.

homeostacies: the circlatory system transports oxygen to organs. without this, there would be no way to get the oxygen to the organs. it works with other systems by hooking veins, arteries, and capularies to other organs.

problem: a problem that can occur with the circlatory system is blood clots. the blood clot slows or stops blood flow causing oxygen in the red blood cells to not be able to get to the organs where its needed. it can also slow or stop white blood cells which help protect against disease. this makes the body more vounerable to attack.