Brazil. Brazil is located in South America and is the largest continent in South America. Its major lamguage is Portuguese. There's is to be expected the population of Brazil is 202 million. Studies have shown Males life expectancy is 71.0, females is 77.8 and total life expectancy is 74.3 which gives Brazil a World Life Expectancy ranking of 70.

3 major landforms-Amazon Rainforest, Mato Grosso Plateau, and Pico Da Banderia.

3 major Architectural o geographical landmarks-Iguazo Falls, Lago Azul, Caracol Falls.

3 major bodies of water- Gumari Beach, Rio De Jainero, Amazon River.

3 major cities- Rio de Jainero, Sao Paulo, Brazilia

Average yearly Rainfall-1,761mm per year

Average temperature- Summer: 30-40 Celsius   Winter: 13-18 Celsius

Popular Music-Samba, Bossa Nova, Maracatu

Government- Federal Government

Major Religons-

• Protestant
• Methodist
• Episcopal
• Pentecostal
• Lutheran
• Baptist

Major Sports- Soccer, Footvolley, and Martial Arts


  • February. Carnival. Brazil's Carnival festival is the most popular secular festival and is held in the country's streets. ...
  • April 15. Festivals of the Cavalhadas in Pirenópolis (Goiás).
  • April 21. Festival of Tiradentes.
  • September 7. Independence Day.
  • October 12. Festival of la Virgen Aparecida, Patron of Brazil.
  • Brazilian Flag-

    The green color represents the Brazilian fields. The yellow losang represents Brazilian gold - and, by extension, the wealthiness of the country. The blue represents the sky of Rio de Janeiro on the night of Nov. 15th 1889; each star represents one of the Brazilian States.
    The white strip contains the inscription "Ordem e Progresso", meaning "Order and Progress". The phrase is attributed to the French positiviste philosophe Augusto Comte, who had admirers in Brazil.

    Native Animals-

    Tucans, Monkeys, Poisonous Frogs, Parrots, all animals that live in the rainforest, etc.

    Allies and Trading partners-

    United States, England, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain

    Brazil has no enemy's because its full of different nationalities and can't have enemies with those country's.

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