QuickKey Mobile Grading Device

Steps for Website:

1) Sign up for a free account (on the web)
2) Go to the student tab
3) Click on 'Import Student List'
4) Minimize your screen and pull up Teacher Apps
5) Go to the 2014 WES Student Logins folder and find your class
6) Minimize that screen and open up a new excel spreadsheet
7) Go back to your class spreadsheet and highlight all of the students' first names, right click and copy
8) Go back to the new spreadsheet and click on the first box, right click, paste
9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for their last names
10) On the new spreadsheet you will skip the 3rd column
11) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the student UNs
12) Save the new spreadsheet as QuickKey Student List
13) Go back to QuickKey and click the 'Browse for file' key
14) Find the new spreadsheet and load it
15) You should see your students now
16) Now go to the 'Classes' tab and click 'New Class'
17) Fill in the information (don't forget to checkmark your students) and then click 'Create Class'
18) You can use this website to create quizzes and monitor students' progress

Steps for Mobile Device

1) Go to the app store and search for QuickKey and download it (it is free)
2) You will have to sign in with the same login info from the website
3) If you go to Classes & Students you should be able to see your class and the students' names
4) You can use your phone to make up quizzes and/or grade quizzes