Eve Merriam

By: Janir Garcia

Eve Merriam was born in January, 19, 1916. She died in April,11, 1992 from cancer

Eve Merriam life was to be an author of children she did became an author. Eve Merriam wrote her first book Family Circle in 1946. The book Family Circle won the Yale Younger Poets prize. Eve Merriam wrote 50 books for children and for adult which adds up to 100 books she wrote. The book Inner City Mother Goose, was described as one of the most banned books of the time. In 1981 she won the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Award of Excellence in Poetry for Children Most of her books are fiction and nonfiction for children. Eve Merriam had 2 husband's, the person's were Leonard C. Lewin, and Waldo Salt both marriages went wrong so she divorced them.

The poem Lullaby has a Metaphor because it says that The King's cape is purple as a grape. It has no Simile in the poem . Their is no personification in Lullaby. In Lullaby it is saying that it is getting dark the sun is going down at the end is saying good night. I chose this poem because every time I read it I always think on going to bed to be cozy and warm and gives me time to think about what I'm going to do tomorrow. What I like best about this poem is that it helps me calm my down when I am nervous or mad and it talks about the night that makes me go to sleep in peace.

In the poem Lullaby it has Sound Device it has a Rhyme at the end of every sentence it has a Rhyme to it Purple for the evening When daylight is leaving. It has no Rhythm to it. It also has no Repetition to it, Onomatopoeia, it doesn't have no Alliteration. In the poem Lullaby it does not have Sensory Language because it is talking about the night.


Sky light.

Purple as a king's cape
Purple as a grape.

Purple for the evening
When daylight is leaving.

Soft and purry,
Gentle and furry,
Velvet evening-time.

Sky light
Goodbye light.

Into night.

By: Eve Merriam

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