It all started with a game

  George is in the bunkhouse alone playing solitaire. He is thinking profoundly about Lennie, how things will work out. Moments later the Boss walks in and looks at George. He asks "why are you in here?"

"I'm tiered from jungleing-up all last week, I need some alone time." Said George. The Boss looks skeptically at him.

"I want you to tell me about you and Lennie."

  George explains that Lennie is a cousin that got into an accident when he was younger. The Boss got furious!

"Is that some bum steer your giving me?"

"No, I swear its not."

The Boss looks at George dejectedly.

"Boy, why do you lie to me?"

George jumped up, knocked down the table with the cards on it, and was face to face with the Boss.

"You calling me a liar?"

"I reckon I am."

George punches the Boss in the face, he falls back and cracks the window. they get into a big fight. The Boss grabs a metal pole from the wood stove and throws it at George, it misses and impales the bunk. With a final blow, George knocks out the Boss, he is out cold on the hard ground.

   After a few minutes Curley's wife, the jail bait, walks in. She noticed the Boss on the ground and started to cry. George is laying under the covers of his bunk, his whole body covered. He is in shock. Curley's wife comes over to the bunk and grabs George.

"Its okay George, he deserved it, he is a cruel man."

He gets up to look at her and tell her to go away, but she kisses him. He tries to push her off but he cant find the strength to do it, he just lets it happen.     

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