Business Cards

Paola Woo

Good #1

This business card is very organized, and the pop of colors attract the most important information, such as the name and the e-mail. It's not clustered with random information, which is an advantage

Good #2

I really like how the name of this person is the main focus of the card. The rest of his information is at the bottom corners, and his logo is at the left top corner which make it look organized.

Good #3

This card is very simple, yet it is professional. The business's name is at the top and it is divided by a line which probably took no time to do, but it is creative and clean. I also enjoy how the teeth are part of the card, which is the point of the card.

Bad #1

This card brings no attention to the eye... The font is all the same and so is the color. It just looks sloppy and very unprofessional.

Bad #2

The only pop of color is the logo, but it looks very basic. This card is also missing the important information to contact this person.

Bad #3

This card could have been a good card, except it has too much information on it. The information could stay there but it should be arranged in a different way, so it doesn't look clustered.

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