My Music Resume

Name: Danetta Williams

Grade: Junior in High School

Instruments: Bb Clarinet


Queens Lake Middle School Music Teacher: Mr. James Patterson

  Bruton High School Music Teacher: Mrs. Cara Townsend

About Me: I started clarinet in sixth grade at Queens Lake Middle School. Now I play clarinet in the Bruton High School where I participate in marching band, concert band, and pit orchestra. I chose the clarinet because the shape and the sound of the instrument. It was one of the top three instruments I wanted to play. My middle school teacher told me that I would be perfect for clarinet when I tried it out. The clarinet is something that grew on me as I went up to high school. Playing the clarinet in high school is fun because you get to play a lot of cool songs.

Expectations: My ultimate goal for you is to stay in band until your senior year in high school. Also for you to enjoy and love the clarinet even more than you do now. I want you to improve on scales and know the fingerings to the clarinet. Also rhythms because I struggled with those a lot. I want you to feel comfortable when playing and not frustrated. But you also have to be committed to it. Plus who wouldn’t want to play something that was on SpongeBob.

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