Achieve Accurate Representation with the Best Assembly Partner For PCBS

When it comes to PCB assembly, choosing the right partner is of vital importance. Some crucial considerations during the selection process include associated prices, customization options, size of minimum order, quality control, and lead time among others. Here is a look at the different factors in detail.

Minimum order consideration

The scope and size of each PCB project varies and is quite distinct in its own right. For example, your requirement may be either single prototyping boards or something in the range of few dozens. An order that is small for a company proves to be quite large for another. Resultantly, your assembly partner should be able to fulfill the order in accordance to the specific needs. Some companies may specialize in quick turn, low volume ideas perfect for creating prototypes of new products or those relating to small production runs. Other partners will however concentrate upon quantities with 10,000+ pieces.

Component procurement

When choosing your assembler you need to go through their procurement division and find out the type of components they use for turnkey services. It is important that they source parts from certified suppliers only while abiding by the industry standards relating to counterfeit material and overages. Are the expert services capable of creating accurate bill-of-materials depending upon specific design files? If the answer is yes, how do they ensure assembly of prototype PCB with materials as exactly listed on BOM? It will be a good thing to ask about substitution policy related to the various components in case the parts you select no longer remain available later.

Associated speed and lead time

Depending upon associated deadlines one of the most critical decision factors is the lead-time. You need to contact more than one assembler and determine which of them will be able to accommodate your order within the shortest time. Don't forget to pay attention when turn-time clock stops and starts. In general, for assembly shops the turn-time will start when they receive all the boards and parts. Consider it as the DAY ONE.

Equipments in use

It will be worthwhile to review the equipment repertoire of your assembler and become familiar with the associated capabilities of forecasting end result quality. The ability of the PCB assembly service to deliver orders in keeping with exact specifications will depend on the equipment they use. For example in case the design requires use of surface-mount components the best assembler will be the one that uses pick-and-place machines, rework equipment, 3-D BGA inspectors, and reflow ovens.

Technical competency

Why would you give a new project to an assembler? They should have the quality to accept such a challenge with ability to take care of related issues before commencing. It is important that they operate autonomously requiring minimal client inputs once the order gets underway. It is important that they have quality certification that verifies their capabilities.

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