Assignment #3 Book Connections

Molly creates hope by encouraging kids to continue the Native culture and helping them make good decisions. She is part of the Language and Culture Commitee and going to college to finish her masters degree in Community counciling. I think that just shows how it's never too late to change your life.

1.) Molly is a clan mother just like Juniors grandmother in "True Diary Of A Part Time Indian"

2.) Molly's son was killed and that reminds me of when all of those people in the story that died, like Sara, Eugene, and Juniors grandma.

3.) Molly is loved and respected by everyone in the tribe just like Juniors grandma

4.) They both live on a reservation

5.) They both care about their Indian culture

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3 years ago

Molly creates hope with her community and the tree main connections to the book are being a clan mother, love for their culture, and educating the youth