Diseases And Their Cause/effects


Genetics-A genetic disease is any disease that you can get from someone or something. Or the changes you get and it can kill u but also it can just hurt u.

Cause- it is caused by when like you change the disorders in your body.

Effect- you can lose your function or your mood or your body.


Environmental- they are problems with the choices that you can get sick from the environment.

Cause-you can get it from like when you smoke it can give you lung cancer.

Effect- it will make you have problems with your breathing. You can also get cancer.

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices- It is what a person makes bad choices about their life. Like attitudes, or how they behave. etc...

Cause- Is like when you make a bad decision ad it was the wrong choice and it effects your life.

Effect- It Can make your Life style choices can effect your life.

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this diseases is caused by smoking and getting lung cancer