Infographic Assignment

U.S. National Debt

Your task is to explain why your generation needs to be concerned with the national debt issue.

You are to create an infographic (like this) that displays your research and opinions in a simple, logical, and visually-pleasing manner.

Use photos, charts, and graphics to reinforce your argument!

Like this...

Insert graphics and type captions to explain your point

Include summaries of the top reasons your generation needs to be concerned about the national debt.  Don't forget to include quotes from the U.S. Constitution.

Use "headlines" to identify your main points!

Use normal text to add information.  NO COPYING AND PASTING!

Add links to all non-opinion information!

^ Make buttons for links to other sites with more information. ^

^ Include direct links to websites by clicking the "media" button ^

What you need to get an A:

* Your (First Initial) + Last Name(s) at the top.  "Presented by: J. Apgar"

* At least five headlines (main points)

* Links to at least 5 websites for more information.

* At least five paragraphs further explaining your main points.

* Minimum of five charts/graphics... The more - the better :)

* Citations for all fact-based information. (credible sources only)

Advice: never put an image on your infographic without an explanation!