My Noodle Hand

This is my hand i made out of pool noodle. I made this because i saw that my robotics teacher made one so i thought i could make a better one. I wanted to make it with knuckles so it can bend so it can be workable.This is my blueprint of the hand i used a key so it can tell you where the parts go.

This is my finished projected. i painted it six different colors because i wanted to look bright. i tried my best to make it look like a good hand. I used Popsicle sticks and a wooden rod (small piece x5) then i used the rest of the noodle the make the palm. i also hot glued the inside of the noodle then i cut the middle for the palm with a box cutter. You can paint it the choice is yours. But its really more of an arts & craft project than a technology project but i can make it more techy.

I can make it more techy by 3d printing some knuckles so it can bend the fingers but it would be hard because would have to print multiple times to make it right it'll also take awhile and i have to design the knuckles and think how they'll bend the right way .When i design it i'll use tinker cad a 3D designing program on the computer . I could also make it light up to catch people attention.