STAYFINE DIET: Filtering Your Words & Images To Lose Weight

The plant-based Stayfine Diet focuses on "WIDTH" short for: 'Word Image Design Through Habits' with research suggesting that negative words and images amount to "FAT" - 'Flawed Asymmetrical Thinking' linked to weight gain.

An innovative study by Ronnie C. Wright, the world's first Acroneticist and award-winning inventor of Acronetics, Neuroacronetics and the Stayfine Diet through his Stayfine University concludes that people who limited their "negative width" lost weight.

This was truly evident when combined with the "FINE FORMULA" - 'Food.Inspiration.Nutrition.Exercise.'

Further, the findings suggests that filtering words and images play a key role in losing weight. People who employed the "width filtering system" also maintained their focus; and - increased their awareness, balance and conditioning for personal strength to make changes in their diet.

Wright aka Dr. Stayfine who put 50 people on the Stayfine Diet said, "The idea is simple - filter what comes in, especially words and images to reduce stress associated with over eating to achieve [results] > realizing every step ultimately leads to success."

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