Toy Story

They live in Roomandys, and is a small city, and the population is equally its not big and its not small. They all pretend to be a toy when Andy is around, but whens he not they start hanging out with each other.Andy toys don't have a room or a apartment but they live in shelves, floor, bed, and in a box. They believe that if Andy is awake and finds out that the toys are alive they would want nothing to do with them, so they pretend to be fake while hes there.

Woody is the sheriff, and when there all in trouble or if something happens they all get together and make a meeting and see what will happen next. And when they all come to an agreement, Woody makes the final decision. They're all nice to new people or animals they get, after a day they would  already treat the new person or animal as a family.they're country protects itself by pretending to not be real when humans are around.

Woody and Buzzlightyear all speak the same language . They all talk the same except for the ones that don't have mouths all they do is mumble. Woody and everybody else can under stand what they say sometimes. Woody, Buzz and everybody else practically speak two different languages.

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