Important Milestones By The End Of 1 Year

Social and Emotional:

-Shy or anxious with strangers

Your baby should be shy or anxious with strangers. That shows they know the people of their immediate family. The baby's has got used to the fact that Mom and Dad are very important people in their life.


- Begin to use objects correctly ( drinking from a cup, brushing hair, etc.)

Your baby should begin how to drink out of a regular cup by now. Or something else simple like climbing stairs. Also some other milestones under this category could be finding hidden objects etc.


- Responds to simple verbal requests

Your baby should be responding to your simple phrases. For example.. "Pick up your toys." "Don't hit to others." Examples of what not to request... "Put the dishes in the dishwasher." "Throw the trash."


- Pulls self up to stand

Your baby should be standing on its own by using things around them. Like a coffee table, couch, etc. But your baby shouldn't be walking, if so great! If not, don't stress about it.

Hand and Finger Skills

- Bangs two objects together

Your baby will bang objects together, developing muscles and show different noises.

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