Inkscape 'Bear Logo'

I created this Bear Logo as an example variant on Jean's excellent tutorial. The first thing I made was the bear paw. It's not entirely symmetrical- I looked at images of bear paws and decided to make the circles slightly imperfect. The 'paw' was done in a similar way. Each of these elements was created with the circle tool and then modified using Object->Path and the Node Editor. I experimented with the outlines until they looked how I wanted.

Next, I Duplicated each part and changed the colors until I came up with the appearance I liked. After this, I Grouped the paw together and moved it off center. In hindsight, I should've done the background first so I could've had the paw as a layer on top of it.

I made 2 boxes- the light blue one that has a Stroke border that is dark blue. The second is another box that is duplicated and scaled down. This also has a Stroke border, but it is set to White so that it appears as a cut-out, as Jean covers in the video. I then put the little 'swirl' in the bottom left corner just to add a bit of flavor. I did this by editing the Nodes.

Last, I added the Shadow using the method outlined by Jean in the video- a circle with edited Opacity.

I added some text, but decided to delete it because I liked the way it looked without it. If this were a real logo, I'd probably want to add some text to the middle.