Declaration of Independence

By: Megan Day

unalienable rights: Rights given to us by our creature. Ones that can’t be taken away from us

government by consent: the authority of the government lays in the hands of the people


A just government needs consent of the governed because “government of the consent” is just, and it makes sense for a just government to follow its description. We are the ones responsible for protecting our natural rights.

I still agree with the refers to unalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence. It says, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Each of these are a key natural rights. The Declaration also says, “all men are created equal,” therefore each and every man should have a voice. Also known as consent of the governed. Both of these still matter to me. Whether it will affect me now or when I am an adult. Living life to the fullest is impossible without “the pursuit of happiness”. I probably won’t fully appreciate consent of the government until I am able to vote. But until that comes I still understand its importance.


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