Pet Rock Business
by Meri Morgan Marshall

Business Description

Would you like to visit my business on Mars?Mars is covered in dust and rocks.My business's name is Pet Rocks For Mars.My business sells pet rocks.You know back in the old days they had pet rocks.I did pet rocks for my business ,so people who are alerget to real animals they still can have a pet.I also did pet rocks because mars has rocks.We can also customize your pet rock.Pet rocks can come in handy somedays.To sum it up pet rocks are a great business for Mars.

Prices for pet rocks

Xsmall                         $1.00

Small                           $1.50

Medium                      $2.50

large                             $3.00

Xlarge                          $3.85


purple   $0.60

yellow   $0.20

orange  $0.35

pink      $0.15

green    $0.30

colorful $1.00       

Persuasive letter

Dear customer,

You should really come to my pet rock business.The pet rock business on mars is the best.We can costomize your pet rock.It would look pretty after getting customized.Plus you don't have to take it to the vet and pay.You have to to take real animals and waste money.Also you don't have to feed it and pay for the food.You don't pay for food because they don't eat.Plus you don,t have to take it on walks.I think you should come get a pet rock.You will love it.


meri morgan