How to Tweet
Explained as A Lean Canvas

1. Problem: Twitter is saturated with people, info, offers, rewards and BOTS. Yet if you are not on it you are discredited when it comes to legitimacy.

1. Customer Segments: It can not be everybody on Twitter. There are too many people. Find three things you are interested in and follow and engage with them. For me it is; entrepreneurship, combat veteran issues, design.

2. Unique Value Proposition: What is your story? What separates you from every other person on Twitter? What are you contributing to an already overloaded network?

3. Solution: Craft your brand and personal accounts to reflect authenticity and uniqueness . Your tweets need to reflect who you are, what you love and why you do what you do. There can be multiple stories at one time on your feed but you have to make each tweet a micro-content of the bigger story you are trying to tell.

4.Channels: A tweet duh! However, what is unique here is that you can piggy back off of other people you engage with. Share your tweets, stories and life with a larger audience by engaging your followers followers.

5.  Cost Structure: Cost here comes in personal value. How much is your time worth to you and can you invest it in building a meaningful and engaging twitter profile. Now of course there are ad boost and tweet promotions and cost, but focus on these two questions. 1. What are you trying to accomplish with your twitter handle? 2. How much time can you put into it.

5. Revenue: Here is where I am going to shock your world into awesomeness. The ROI on Twitter has zero to do with the number of followers and everything to do with what you do with the ones you have. Treat each interaction as another stepping stone in building meaningful relationships.

6. Key metrics. There are tons of programs that will measure data for you.  I want to challenge you to look at the impact you are making with your account. Have you built relationships? Do you contribute to a larger story with each tweet? Do you provide your readers with a call to action?

7. Unfair advantage: Why should I follow you?  What can you add to my daily life and interactions that i seek on Twitter?