QVF Group Fraud Investigators Civil Risk Management - Quo Vadis Investigations

The leading practice offering a unique combination of confidential services with a worldwide reach, using investigators with many years’ experience in Police, Financial Institutions, Intelligence Services and UK Special Forces.

All operations are conducted to the highest ethical standards that exceed regulatory and compliance requirements whilst delivering superlative cost effective results in the best interests of clients.

We are a one stop shop and have vast experience in delicate and sensitive situations ensuring clients are assured of optimal solutions

Quo Vadis clients range from blue chip companies, government agencies and authorities, accountants and legal firms.

In practise Quo Vadis works in many areas. Our experience falls into many areas that can be categorised in a variety of ways – every situation has its own unique aspects.

Ideally early stage engagement is encouraged – but in all cases a confidential appraisal is quickly carried out together with a planned action plan and financial options.

An added advantage is that Quo Vadis provides evidence in formats accepted in criminal, civil or employment and mediation procedures.

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